About Gizmocity


‘Gizmocity’ is a personal endeavor to make drawing a daily exercise. As a kid my sketchbooks were made up of stapled perforated dot-matrix paper (you know the ones with the green lines) scraps that my father brought from work. Today, I cant be without my Moleskine sketchbook….in the way people hate to leave their phones at home. My sketchbook is a live part of my design process from architectural, graphic, or industrial design pursuits. In this case, it follows my enthusiasm for all things mechanical or gizmos…and characters suit.


The fascination with the term ‘gizmo’ is a reference to my favorite historian/writer of architecture, design and pop culture: Reyner Banham.

“The man who changed the face of America had a gizmo, a gadget a gimmick- in his hand, in his back pocket, across the saddle, on his hip, in the trailer, round his neck, on his head, deep in a hardened silo…..the most  typical American way of improving the human situation has been by the means of crafty and usually compact little packages”
“The Great American Gizmo”, Industrial Design September 1965 p.49

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